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Why KPI Metrics?

CrowdMole™ uses proprietary score carding to get the most out of performance managment. Key performance indicators (KPIs) into high-participation planning, budgeting and forecasting processes to drive greater accountability. This ensures that the timeline is always in motion.

We quickly compare strategic and operational plans with actual results. If you have a stockade of undesireable results, then we're halfway home. Scorecards are the practical, everyday tools that help teams and individuals monitor the metrics and KPIs that measure progress toward those targets.

Using colorful, intuitive pie charts, bar graphs and trend lines, plus status indicators with red, yellow and green “tra c lights,” as well as strategy maps and diagrams, the organization’s metrics and KPIs can be displayed to help managers share a common understanding of corporate strategy.

It helps ensure accuracy and consistency, driving greater ownership and accountability while reducing latency and uncertainty in decision making. When used e ectively, strategy maps, impact diagrams and custom diagrams are tightly connected to long-term planning and budgeting processes.

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Strategy Mapping

User story mapping is a great way to begin your project. Again, we use proprietary technology that helps us to possibly "see in the dark". The organizational strategy aligns with execution through metrics that are linked to actions, which are then tied to resource allocations.

Scorecards can be valuable for corporate-wide performance management, enabling executives to map out the corporate strategy and communicate it in clear, comprehensible terms. Read about some ways mapping can better plan your project using KPI Metrics below:

measure performance relative to targets or benchmarks to help align tactics with strategic initiatives, pinpoint the source of performance shortfalls, display dimensions such as geography, product group or time period using a variety of graphical elements.

Scorecards help organizations speed their decision-making by presenting performance data that is easy to grasp at a glance. This mobile capability can dramatically improve the speed and quality of team-based decision-making. They can compare scenarios; anticipate potential threats and opportunities; better plan, budget and forecast resources; balance risks against expected returns and work to meet regulatory requirements.

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