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Crowdfunding Use Case

CrowdMole began in 2015 with a simple MVP. Colin believed that he could stream money. Wild Right? PayPal approved advanced use of their chain-payment API. Upon testing he realized that a spreadsheet could not keep up. And looked around the internet of something that could do a few things. Keep up, and avoid a pay and chase fraud model. And so the story goes...


Deconstruction CrowdMole™ Crowdfunding IP

Colin was able to monetize IBM Bluemix Cloud Services within a few months of entering the IBM Global Entreprenuer program. And has continously kept building upon approved components of the original Crowdfunding IP. It's uncertain how much he's developed, but one thing is for certain - the man is an engineer.


CrowdMole™ PR1 on Restaurants

Colin quickly ported advanced statistical knowledge into Watson for various use cases. He then created a project centered around it called Domain Expertise. This project allows CrowdMole to be casually indifferent about traditional things that use to be a stopping point.


CrowdMole™ PR1 on Industrial Lighting

In Jan, Feb 2017; Team CrowdMole was given a chance to deploy concepts of the solution on an SME within the lighting industry. In this role, we planned with an experienced Controls Engineer on revamping their HMTL database. And we were fortunate the February out performed January with 2 holidays, and a short month.


CrowdMole™ PR1 on Residential Real Estate

Colin has been able to work quickly with emergent technology. Been fortunate enough to show a few others the way. And spend zero time loitering on potential hold ups, or deal breakers. Working in groups slows him down because he spends too much time untraining people to help them see what's possible. When it has never been possible before. Resulting in training a person twice where traditional practices have failed.

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